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Private Hire Bars London

Bar Specialists hire out functional, premium mobile bars at decadent parties. We service private clients and the events industry alike. We are present at some of the most glitzy parties in town. Our premium event bars are hired out to some of the most prestigious event production companies in London. You may see them at the worlds most famous art galleries, race courses and product launches to name a few. We hire mostly to events in greater London, but are also known to deliver bars for events all over the country. Our clients hire bars from us because the bars are better equipped than our competitors bars. The bars are designed for those who require the very best bar services at their events.

Choose from one of our stunning, eye catching mobile bars. Please take a look at the bars that are currently available for hire. (Displayed at the bottom of this page). Our mobile bars are customisable. With the ability to interchange facades and looks easily, dependent on your needs. Please challenge us with a design brief. We can create a facade to compliment your theme. We provide solutions that will look great and compliment your event concepts. Our attractive themed bars can enhance your operation, giving you the chance to make you more money. We look forward to working with new clients and we hope to supply you with our truly superior event bar.  Get Bar Specialists partner you at your next event.

Mobile Bar Hire – Branding Options

Sponsorship and Brand PR play an integral part in most event activations these days. Branding and brand exposure are a major motivator for the involvement of sponsors.

Transbar considers these potential assets. Transbar provides a visual platform to project our clients or sponsors brands or logos.

Why not maximise revenue and exposure at your next event? Why not give us a call?

Our in house design team can turn your logos into branding collateral for your bar. Your logos can be turned into artwork to create a visual skin for Transbar. Our bars allow us to create logos specificaaly to represent your brand. We can present one or more brands on our bars. Representing the supporters and suppliers of the service catering at your next event.

Watch our concept stills video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcIEK4z1J6w

To see formations and layout options click here.
To find out more about mobile bar hire availability and pricing please contact us.


White Gloss

Mobile Bar Hire Gloss Black Tansbar

Black Gloss

Mobile Bar Stainless Steel Lightbox Transbar

Stainless Steel With Lightboxes


Wooden Bar (Walnut)

Mobile Bar Hire Piano Black Transbar

Piano Black

Mobile Bar Hire Customised Mobile Bar Tansbar